The Beauty Session

All women need to have beautiful photographs of herself that make her feel special and truly beautiful in her own way. Every woman deserves to feel gorgeous.
Through this special “Women Only” photography experience, you will be pampered through a professional hair and make up session, where we take care of every detail, down to the last lash. Next you play a grown up version of “Dress Up” in your most fabulous clothing. We go through different backgrounds and clothing changes during your session to provide you with the most wonderful variety of final photograph options for you to choose from. Wardrobe styling and guided posing create the “best you” possible for your images.
It is unlike any other photograph experience that you may have ever had, and your gift of the day are retouched images of yourself like you have never seen.
Yes, you are Beautiful, and it is my joy to show you all you posess. Contact me to set up a private beauty session.

Click on a photo to view the beauty session.


beauty session