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I appreciated Karen’s approach in taking my portraits. She took some time to interview me for the purpose of knowing more about me and how I wanted to use these photos. When I arrived at her studio she, she was friendly and helped me feel at ease. I noticed that she wanted to capture the essence of what I wanted to project through my photos. We did accomplish this! I was delighted and very pleased with the end results of the photographs. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for professional portraits. I know that I will be using her service again.
– Laura D

Having a photo session with Karen was the nicest thing I have ever done for myself!

I contacted Karen because a trusted dear friend of mine had her portraits done, and when I saw the results and knew what my friend actually looked like, I realized the fine work Karen is capable of. My friend looked “refreshed” in her portraits as they say in the Plastic Surgery world. That’s exactly what I wanted: photographs of myself at my very best with the slightest touch up naturally highlighting  my features. I was a little nervous about how I might look: big ears, recessed chin, small eyes, and wrinkles! Karen showed me her photos as the session was progressing so I felt comfortable. She was very adept at putting me at ease, complimenting me, and encouraging me to give her “the look.” She suggested a scenario for me to concentrate on and when I opened my eyes… there was “the look!” Having a professional make up artist apply the make up was a real treat. I’ve only been to the beauty counters at department stores to have their product applied. My skin looked flawless and my face contoured with a natural glow using colors and products I never knew of. I loved the way I looked before the photos were even taken! My hair was done up in a French twist with strands around my face. During the shoot, I took my hair down to create a totally different look. Karen had lots of jewelry and “props.” I brought my own wraps, and clothes… but I had forgotten earrings! I was a little frantic… but I was able to find just the right ones in Karen’s treasure trove of jewelry.

But the single most wonderful thing was the result. I don’t like having my picture taken because invariably the photographer doesn’t know or care about my back fat, chin, crepey arms, legs, chest, shadows, or really everything else. Karen helped me to pose my body and face to show my best attributes and minimize anything less flattering. I was so amazed at how the photos came out.. I cried! I have never looked better. This is how I want to be remembered forever…

– Allyson S

I loved my photo shoot with Karen!  I got to have my make up and hair professionally done before.  I felt pampered and beautiful. Karen made me feel comfortable and relaxed during the shoot, even though I had never done anything like this before.  It was a blast!  When I saw the photos of myself, I actually felt young and attractive again. 

All the images were terrific. This was the best gift I have ever given myself.  I would highly recommend Karen Floyd Portraiture. She is incredibly talented.

– Susan O