About Karen Floyd

about karen floyd

I am moved, beyond measure, to be able to help others see how truly beautiful they really are – that’s why I created Karen Floyd Portraiture.

There a transformational quality to a beautiful dress, the perfect haircut, and a gorgeous portrait. I have seen women cry when they first see their images, as they truly see the beauty that they possess, yet so often do not feel inside. This is my journey now; to give women back the gift of themselves, something tangible and real, that they can look at and remember how those who adore them see them. These portraits become precious memories of not only a wonderful day and experience with me, but a capture of a moment in time of their life.

I started photographing in earnest at 15, on the island of Monhegan, Maine. The art-inspired nature scenes and interesting people that were all around me, called out to be captured for all time with my camera. In my college years, I turned instead to pencils, paints and many other mediums to pull what was inside of me, out. I have always been drawn to beauty. Where I couldn’t find it, I created it.

With a strong background in fine art, I was fascinated by sign creation and graphic design. After 30 years of creating logos, comprehensive branding, identity packages, signs, print materials, business cards, postcard, flyers, brochures, t-shirt design, vehicle wraps and a myriad of marketing pieces, I return to my first love, taking photographs of people.

You cannot stop time, but you can capture it in a way that makes you remember it with love and appreciation. Allow me to show you a side of you that you will love and appreciate and delight in for a very, long time. Contact me for a personal beauty and photography session.