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Have you had to reinvent yourself after the age of 50?
We are looking for some very special women for a very special experience!

The goal of the “50 over Fifty Experience” is to showcase beautifully-alive women with soul-touching photographs.  Capture and share their stories of how they have created their best lives from the changes and challenges that getting older has brought their way, and bring empowerment, hope, motivation, and inspiration to other women that may be on that same journey.

Turning 50 can begin a time of great awakening for many women. Some women realize that their lives are really not fulfilling anymore. “Is that all there is?”  Perhaps you feel that life has been wonderful, until—BAM! Something happened – perhaps a catastrophe that created a major life change to “life as you knew it.” You were forced to do something differently, something you had never planned in order to make it through. Perhaps you experienced a challenge that seemed insurmountable, but you found a way out, and adjusted to meet that challenge. Then, there’s retirement, which can bring about different desires, passions and possibilities than you may have ever experienced before. If you went toward these passions, how different has your life become?

Do any of these scenarios sound like you?
If you went toward these possibilities, how different has your life become?

We are looking for stories of women who have made the second half of their lives the best half of their lives! We are looking for stories of women who have faced major challenges, had personal victory over those challenges and now have a wonderful day to day life for themselves. In spite of adversity, such as financial, personal, family or even health issues, they’ve moved into a new, contented time of being “older” . Perhaps it was a new career choice that paid off, or a fabulous hobby that now brings great joy and they are delighted with their lives!

Does this sound like you?

Each of your stories, with the solutions that you have found, will provide resources for other women who are stuck where you were, unable to move ahead.

How can you tell if this is for you?

  • You are now over the age of fifty and your life (or a major aspect of your life) is very different now than it was prior to the age of fifty.
  • Perhaps you were confronted by that inner voice wanting change, and you listened. You made a conscious decision that the life you were living was just not the life you wanted to live. You then braved through and made the major life revisions necessary to recreate yourself in order create the life you desired.
  • You overcame a block or hurdle to get to a new place in your life. This challenge may have been thrust upon you by a person, circumstances, or even something you put in your own way, yet you were unwilling to remain there and, over time, overcame that which kept you from succeeding.
  • You have come to realize a “Truth” of life” that wasn’t clear when you were younger but now guides you and has changed you into a different person than you were before.
  • You are willing to be seen and have your story shared with others who may benefit from the exact solution that you found for yourself.

- The Process Page -

This is a life affirming process and celebration of the woman you have become in your life! We can only hint at the additional self-confidence and empowerment that participating in this process may bring to you. However, we can almost guarantee that it will expose to our viewer/readers the woman that you have chosen to be and are.

The required investment for your participation in this experience is $649.
As a special incentive, if you are one of the first ten women invited to participate, you will receive $100 off your participation cost: $549.

What you will Receive for Your Investment

Your Photograph

  • A full consultation prior to your photo session
    • – We will go over what to expect, what to do beforehand to be ready
    • – We will look at wardrobe choices and pick some great options for you
    • – We will look at pricing and options for any additional portraits that you may wish to buy
  • Your luxury “model for a day” photography studio session includes:
    • – A two-hour luxury experience photo shoot with multiple wardrobe and background changes
    • – Professional hair and makeup artistry to pamper and enhance your eyes and your essence
    • Guided posing suggestions that complement your body and elicit your best features on camera
    • – One image focused and devoted to enhancing your story photographically
    • – A reveal session: where you select your favorite image(s)
    • – My signature retouch and refinement for your images to make you look your best

Your participation investment includes your chosen image portrait to go with your story. You will receive it in digital form, AND also a 8”x10” beautifully printed and matted photograph.

[optional] Continuing your Experience with Your Story $150

(If you wish to be in the ebook and tell your story and life lessons)

  • We have contracted a professional writer (a woman over 50 with her own transitional story!) who will interview you and clarify your transitional information. From that, she will create a storyline that will be easy to grasp and appreciate. After you have reviewed and tweaked with your final “ok,”, your story is ready for use.
  • A guided questionnaire to bring out the most important elements of your reinvention to be used in your story. Included information will detail how you changed and identifies your particular resources (to share) that made the difference in you moving forward.
  • Your beautiful image and story will appear in an individual page layout in a completed pdf that you can share with others.

Kindred Connections

  • An opportunity to network and connect with other women-of-change in an online facebook community
  • An opportunity to share your business link or your passion project with the “50 over Fifty” audience
  • Your story, combined with the stories of the other 49 women available for purchase online as an ebook, (or printed book, when sponsorship for the printing becomes available)
  • Opportunities to share your story in a public venue to empower others (if you would like to do that with me, when available).

If you are a woman who has transformed herself after 50 years of age, we’d like to hear your story. If this experience excites you, please be so kind as to fill out the brief questionnaire below as we compile 50 amazing women for our first edition.

- 2019 50 over Fifty Experience -

2019 50 over Fifty Form

Please provide just enough details to help us understand your story of transition; but without a great deal of detail. This information will just help us see if you are a good fit for this Experience.

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We appreciate you taking your valuable time to complete this form!
You will receive an email confirmation that we have received your form. Within 7-10 days you will be notified about your selection to participate in this experience.

Thank you for your sharing!
Karen Floyd, Photographer, and Collaborators

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